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Guide to Elevate Your Wine Barrel Bar Set

If you are a passionate wine enthusiast, you know each detail contributes to the experience of consuming this beverage. The drink's quality is imperative, as well as using the right glasses. Another critical consideration is consuming it in the right setting. And that's where obtaining a wine barrel bar set is a crucial addition.

These pieces are gathering areas where you'll get together and enjoy this beautiful drink. Apart from choosing a top-quality product, styling your set will contribute to the overall impression. So, here are the top tips on how to elevate your wine barrel bar combo!


How to Elevate Your Wine Barrel Bar Set

The first consideration is the set's placement. It's due to the décor since the wine barrel bar, and stools shouldn't stand out from the environment too much. 

For example, if you plan to put the set in the cellar, traditional wooden options are an excellent choice. But for modern kitchens and living rooms, it's better to go with a more contemporary design.

Regardless of the design, here are some ideas to help style your barrel bar set to maximize its appearance!

1. Pick a Retired Wine Barrel as the Primary Material

wine barrel bar

Is there a more suitable option for your set than a retired wine barrel? Premium brands use authentic materials. The wine barrel that will be in your home will actually be the one that used to serve to store this beautiful drink.

Solid oak is the common choice for these products. The material will add to the area's appearance and help make your set the room's focal point.

2. Choose the Desired Table Size

barrel bar table

The market offers a huge selection of different table sizes and styles. It gives you plenty of room to find the most suitable unit, but your choice will depend on the following factors:

  • Available space. It's not advisable to put a large barrel bar table in a compact area. It won't look appealing and will leave little room for other items and foot traffic.

  • Desired capacity. Do you plan to gather friends to enjoy wine together? Or is it your idea to have a quiet spot where you could consume this drink with your partner? This could be the primary consideration when deciding how big your table should be.

  • Stool preferences. The design should fit the table, so stick to the same style. But don't forget that you need to have enough room around each stool. That will ensure all your guests feel comfortable at the table.

As with other products, experts recommend checking the available room first. Measure the designated area to know the table dimensions to consider. That should narrow your selection and help you pick an optimal unit.

3. Make Sure the Barrels Are Also a Wine Rack

oak barrel bar table

It's all about functionality and multi-purpose features these days. The wine barrels are there to deliver a unique aesthetic appeal to your set. They serve as the base for the table, but their functionality doesn't have to stop there.

Some manufacturer design wine barrel sets where these units also serve as a rack. You'll often see these in larger models. With two barrels as the foundation, you can accompany up to 40 bottles. 

The units will have multiple wine racks to accommodate your collection. These are sturdy and ensure minimal movement to preserve the beverage's quality. They also proudly display your collection. It's the perfect combo since you'll impress guests while ensuring the wine is easily accessible.

4. Pick an Option Where the Tabletop Attaches to the Base

barrel bar stools

Your wine barrel bar should be secure. Unless you know exactly what to do, it's best not to resort to improvisations or DIY projects. Instead, you should pick a reliable brand that guarantees secure construction.

Attaching the tabletop to the barrels is imperative. Securing this component will ensure the item is stable and there's no risk of knocking it over. It could be disastrous if someone leans on the tabletop and flips it over.

Most manufacturers use hardwood materials for these surfaces. They ensure the tabletop is light enough but also sturdy to accommodate bottles and glassware.

5. A Simple Industrial Design Is an Excellent Option for the Seating Area

wine barrel bar set

Apart from the table, barrel bar stools are the other integral component of your set. For starters, decide on how many seating units you need. Are you planning on a corner table that only needs two or three stools? Or you prefer an all-around option that could accommodate more people?

If you go for a full-sized oak barrel bar table, the general rule is it will come with six stools. It's most convenient to go with an industrial design. The base should be of metal, and applying black paint to it is the most versatile option. The top surface is made from high-quality wood for maximum durability. Thanks to this design, the guests will have the feeling that they are in an actual bar.

6. Add Useful Accessories to the Table

bar table accessories

If you are all about functionality, consider useful accessories while decorating the table. For example, you'll need coasters and wine bottle openers. And having napkins around is never a bad idea. So, how about getting a basket that would accommodate all these items? It'll boost the visual attractiveness while ensuring the necessary accessories remain accessible quickly.

Another option to consider is using decanters for the wine placed on the table. That way, you avoid having bottles of different shapes and sizes. And exhibiting glassware might add more visual appeal to the overall design.

7. It Can't Hurt to Place Some Greenery

wine barrel bar with plants

Flowers are a neat addition, but they come with downsides. They might grab too much attention. Also, tall flowers might prevent people from seeing each other properly, especially those across the table.

It's much better to go with small pots of greenery. The secret is simplicity, so don't overcomplicate things. A simple-looking plant should be just enough to add to the aesthetics. Keep it in the central section to avoid anyone knocking it over.

8. Add a Glass Top, or Go with a Metal Frame

Glass Top or Go with a Metal Frame

The first thing that comes to mind when you mention a wine barrel is a traditional appearance that fits classic decors. But that doesn't mean these tables and sets can't fit modern environments. The trick in adding contemporary details.

For example, adding a glass section to the top surface can be the modern touch needed. The usual approach is that the central part is from these materials, while the outer sections are from wood.

You can go for something entirely different and choose a metal barrel table. This features a silver finish that might fit modern and industrial decors better.

9. Don't Forget the Design of a Surrounding Area

Design the Surrounding Area

You want an authentic spot to gather with friends and drink wine. And that's where the barrel bar table fits perfectly. But imagine this – you check the wooden table and industrial tools and love them. But once you sit, you begin noticing the environment. And it doesn't fit with the table, which ends up affecting the entire experience.

So, the idea is to optimize the whole area to be in line with the wine consummation theme. It'll be easy if you place the table in a wine cellar. But what if you want to add a set to your living room?

Tips for Decorating the Area Around the Table

Here are some tips that could help optimize the environment:

  • Add wooden artwork to walls. It's best to hang barrel tops since they fit the entire design perfectly. You can carve or print drawings or favorite quotes. You can add a couple of photos of your family or any other that have personal meaning but don't overdo it.

  • Put large pots of greenery and wooden decorative pieces in the corners. If you prefer big plants, don't hesitate to put them close to the table. It's ideal to position them in corners and pick pots that fit the set's colors. You can pick wooden tables or other decorative items made from this material.

  • There's no need for aggressive light. You don't need excessive illumination to enjoy a gentle talk and wine consummation with friends. If there's a natural light source from a window, add the option to pull on drapes. You can put a lighting fixture over the table, but there's no need for excessive power.


Final Thoughts

The many options available should make it easy to find the ideal wine consummation set. It's wise to pick a combo that includes both a table and stools. You'll find that top brands like Napa East Bar Sets offer this option. That way, you don't have to go through the hassle of obtaining seating items. 

Instead, you get everything in the set you ordered, so your only task is decoration. And you'll have some time to think about styling your wine barrel bar set while waiting for your customized item to arrive. Online stores simplify the ordering process and ensure the manufacturer resorts to making your unit immediately. And you often come across free shipping and discounts. That's why you shouldn't hesitate to order your wine barrel set today!