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9 Tips for Choosing Your Perfect Wine Rack

Wine racks are a necessity for anyone who enjoys consuming this beverage at home. It doesn’t matter if you serve it once a week with friends or drink a bottle or two per night. You could benefit from a wine rack table or similar storage solution.

The secret lies in picking the product that best fits your preferences. You have many options, from going with a wine rack table to using wall-mounted units. Check out the following guide to identify the most suitable product effortlessly!


How to Choose the Perfect Wine Rack

The main benefit of wine racks is the ease of access. You have bottles of your favorite drinks at the reach of your fingertips.

Other advantages of these racks include the following:

  • A better option for short-term storage than classic refrigerators. Unless you have a specialized wine cooler, it’s better to keep the drink on the rack.

  • The units are free from vibration. It accelerates the wine’s decay and compromises its flavor. That’s why avoiding vibration is important for storing this drink.

  • Fairly affordable options. The price ranges vary significantly, but racks tend to be more budget-friendly than the alternatives.

  • They can be a perfect decorative piece. You’ll find wine rack tables in different designs suitable for any décor.

If you are ready to pick the perfect unit, here are the tips offered by experts!

1. Wall-Mounted Racks Save Space and Improve the Décor

wine rack table

While each wine storage solution can boost the area’s appearance, wall-mounted racks can add a unique touch to any room. Designers often treat them as artwork pieces. They can replace paintings on walls while looking equally impressive.

Another benefit of this rack type is saving floor space. That’s great to put the wine storage solution in compact rooms. It’s also convenient if you feel like there are too much of bare walls in the area. These can add a true punchline to the entire décor.

The downside of wall-mounted racks is they aren’t too big. The reason is simple – adding too much weight increases the fall risk. Apart from breaking the bottles, this could lead to injuries. That’s why staying within the specified capacity is imperative.

2. A Wine Rack Table Is a Beautiful Addition to Any Area

wine table rack

These units belong to freestanding solutions that you position on the floor. Their advantage is mobility since they are fairly easy to move from one area to another. You can pick from many sizes and designs available, ensuring the rack would fit any décor.

That impressive selection is what collectors love. A classic wine rack barrel table rack has enough room to hold around ten bottles. You can even go with units that allow hanging the glasses upside down. That way, they’ll be ready to use immediately, along with the bottles. And the best part is that the top surface is convenient for pouring the drink.

Floor wine racks often have a generous capacity. The footpads protect the floor, so the risk of damaging it is non-existent. And you can pick from various height options to accommodate more bottles neatly.

3. Countertop Wine Rack Is an Excellent Compact Solution

table with wine rack

If you plan to keep the bottles in the kitchen, consider countertop wine racks. These are also suitable for living rooms. However, you’ll need to fit them with the décor. It’s even possible to position them on a shelf if you choose a small rack,

Some units come with an option to attach them to the table. That’s convenient since it’ll reduce the risk of someone knocking the rack over when passing by. But you’ll have more positioning freedom and won’t ruin the furniture piece if you just put the rack over the surface.

Although most models come in small sizes, you can find large units in the market. Some countertop racks can hold up to 50 bottles. You need to secure enough space and a surface that can endure that capacity.

Countertop wine racks have two important benefits. The first is the ease of access since you don’t have to bend to reach a bottle. The second is it saves floor space, making it great for kitchens and compact areas.

4. Think Before Buying a Large Wine Rack

Large Wine Rack

It might be tempting to purchase a huge storage solution for your bottles. But here’s the problem – a wine table rack isn’t an option for keeping a single unit of this drink in the long run. 

This alcoholic beverage demands optimal and consistent temperature conditions from 40F to 60F, depending on the type. But most rooms these days have changing heat levels. You might turn on the AC to increase the temperature in the evening, making the room warmer than 60F. These spikes will affect the wine quality in the long run.

It’s why a large storage rack is only a wise idea if you are a passionate consumer of this beverage. Experts don’t recommend keeping wine in these storage units for longer than 3-6 months. That’s where you resort to specialized coolers for this drink.

5. Identify the Optimal Capacity

small wine rack

This goes hand in hand with the previous tip. A table with wine rack additions is for short-term storage of this beverage. So, think about how many units you plan to use on a monthly or quarterly basis. 

If you plan on adding bottles to your personal collection, it’s better to go with a cooler. Alternatively, you can put the rack in an area with minimal lighting and recommended temperatures.

Smaller racks are excellent for having some wine at the reach of your fingertips. The usual capacity is from five to 20 bottles. The smaller size makes it easy to find a suitable location. Another consideration is the wine you’ll consume. Most bottles are of standard sizes, but champagne can come in larger units. It’s why having a rack that can accommodate different sizes and shapes is convenient.

6. Size Doesn’t Have to Be Proportionate with the Bottle Capacity

Bottle Capacity

If you pick a console table wine rack, storing bottles will only be a part of its functionality. Depending on the unit, it could have a top surface, extra shelves, etc. Glass holders are a common addition to models designed to store wine bottles.

Thanks to maximum functionality, these units are suitable for living rooms. The integrated wine rack will allow the putting of the desired bottles on display. The décor will contribute to the table’s overall design, glasses on shelves or in holders, and other items placed on the top surface.

7. Don’t Neglect the Appearance and Go for a Stunning Wine Table

wine rack barrel

The common materials used for racks include wood and metal. If you want a traditional appearance, go with the former. You’ll find these in earthy tones that add warmth to any décor.

As for metal racks, they come in silver or black paint. Other colors might also be available, and they fit modern decors better.

Each material has its advantages, so pick it based on your preference. If you have a modern living room décor, a metal rack could be a smart addition. But a wooden table with oak barrels is an excellent choice for traditional decors.

8. Always Go with Racks That Allow Putting Bottles on Their Sides

Go with Racks That Allow Putting Bottles on Their Sides

Professional manufacturers are aware of the importance of storing your bottles this way. That’s why most wine storage options include putting them on the side. The reason is this is the optimal method for preserving the wine’s quality.

The drink will stay in touch with the cork to keep it moist. Thanks to that, it’ll be possible for the plug to resist bacteria for a long time. It ensures the wine will keep its flavor and won’t go bad before you choose to drink it.

9. Check the Rack Stability and Pick a Location with Minimal Vibrations

console table wine rack

Vibration and movement cause chemical reactions since wine is a natural product. That could compromise the flavor, which affects the entire consummation experience.

Suppose you move or shake a wine bottle, the sediment inside moves. That’s why the storage unit’s stability is of essential importance. You don’t want a wobbly rack that shakes each time you use the countertop surface.

Don’t forget to consider the location and avoid places where someone could accidentally hit the storage. Apart from it creating a fall and injury risk, it’s not good for preserving the wine’s quality. You want the movement and vibration to stay at a minimum.


Final Thoughts

The impressive selection of wine racks makes it hard to choose the desired model. Simple countertops or wall-mounted units sound like convenient solutions. But if you want to maximize the aesthetic effect, don’t hesitate to pick a beautiful wine rack table.

You have many options, but you can’t go wrong with a classy wooden unit. You can even pick table racks made from actual French Oak wine barrels. These will spice up any décor while giving you the perfect storage option for quick access to your favorite drink. You can place an order online and have the table delivered to your home soon!