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6 Ideas for a Vintage-Inspired Home Bar

Modern bars are becoming more common nowadays. Most people would opt for a modern-themed bar instead of vintage designs. Even a stateroom bar would turn minimalistic or modern because of all the new accessories and bar cabinets available.

Since most people are leaning towards modern design, opting for a more traditional style would be a unique choice. If you plan to design a vintage home bar, we’ve got a few simple tips and ideas to help you get started.

Vintage Bar Ideas

1. Countryside Look

vintage home bar

There is a specific home bar inspired by the countryside and it’s an amazing idea if you want something a bit traditional inside your home. If you want a vintage bar, start by getting a bar cabinet that looks like it came from an old movie. The design of the bar will all be based on there.

Instead of putting your wine in racks or placing them inside the cabinet, the best choice would be to place them at the top of the bar cabinet. Put a tray on top and arrange your wine collection. The drawers from the bar cabinet will hold the bar accessories and you can place a mirror or painting on the wall.

2. Bookcase Bar

vintage home bar cabinet

Did you know that an old bookcase can be turned into a vintage home bar cabinet? If you have an old bookcase in your home, you can repair them and create a home bar cabinet. This kind of design idea is perfect for those who love to DIY. Well, you can also hire someone to do it for you.

If the bookcase has a lot of drawers, you can add more shelves so you can put more wine. As for the shelves, make sure that they are inclined so the guests can see the brand of wine that you are displaying.

To add that vintage look, you need to emphasize the natural color of the wood. This would create a more traditional aura to your bar.

3. TV Bar

vintage home bar ideas

Nothing beats an old TV when it comes to its vintage feel. If you still had that hunched-back television set in the past, you can repurpose it and turn it into a wine bar. Well, it won’t necessarily be a wine bar, but you can showcase your wine collection through television.

Remove all the electrical wirings inside and just leave out the monitor of the TV. Make sure that you can see the other side of the television from its screen. Now, place all of your wine collection inside the TV so it would look like your television set is showing a collection of wine.

This will work perfectly if you have a wooden wine bar. You can place the television set on top or you can place it on the side.

4. Personalized Wooden Bar Signs

Wooden Bar Signs

Sometimes, adding a wooden bar sign can already showcase the traditional vibe of your home bar. Even the most modern-styled bar can turn vintage if you add a few wooden bar signs around it.

It’s very easy to look for wooden bar signs. You can order them online or you can make one yourself. There are tons of designs on the Internet that you can consider for this. The best thing about this is that you won’t have to spend a lot of money to add some vintage elements to your home bar.

Even if the whole bar doesn’t look traditional, adding a few vintage elements can make it look dreamy and elegant.

5. Old Piano Bar

Old Piano Bar

Since an old television can be turned into a wine bar, it won’t be surprising to see an old piano bar. This kind of design exists and a lot of people have been trying to replicate it, especially those who love music and wine.

Turning an old piano into a bar is not too difficult. All you need to do is to repurpose it and turn the body of the piano into a wine rack. The only issue with this kind of design is space. An old piano takes up a considerable amount of space so you need a large house to pull this off.

Well, you can always place the piano on your porch if you want. The wine bar doesn’t have to be close to the dining room and living area.

6. Vintage Truck Bar Top

Vintage Bar Top

This is probably one of the most unique ideas that you can find on this list. This kind of design idea requires a lot of creativity. You’ll need an old truck. It’s better if the truck is already in the junkyard so you won’t have to spend a fortune for it.

You just need to cut the back part of the truck and use it as a bar top. There are so many ways to preserve metal and you have to make sure that it looks as vintage as possible. The top should be made from wood and you should buy a vintage bar cabinet with a rustic look. You can display your wine in the bar cabinet and enjoy your drink at the vintage truck bar top.


What Makes Vintage Home Bars Attractive?

What Makes Vintage Home Bars Attractive

Most of you are probably wondering why some people prefer to use vintage items instead of focusing on modern-themed bars. It’s easier to buy modern accessories as they are widely available. However, this is also the reason why most wine collectors would prefer a vintage bar over a minimalistic or modern design.

Here are some of the reasons why it’s a good idea to invest in a vintage stateroom bar.

1. Craftmanship

We all know that vintage pieces are all made from the best quality materials. They are also made by top artisans. You can easily tell because you can still use them after so many years.

This kind of quality is almost non-existent today. Most of the furniture that you can buy right now are aesthetically-pleasing, but the quality is a bit lacking. It is because most manufacturers are focused on the price rather than the quality. Most homeowners would prefer a piece of furniture with a lower price than something more expensive.

For wine enthusiasts, the wine bar is as important as their wine collection. No matter how expensive your wines are, it won’t matter if you will only place them in a cheap bar. When you’re building a vintage home bar, you are focusing on craftsmanship and quality.

2. Character

Most of you are probably concentrated on the overall appearance of the bar. However, have you ever checked the character of the items that you place inside your home? A vintage bar can convey a life of history and provides a personal touch to your home. This is something that only vintage pieces can offer.

Aside from this, vintage pieces offer a higher level of creativity because of the individuality of every piece. Since these pieces are mostly made by hand, a single design can only be made a few times. It means that you probably won’t see another design in the market if you try to look for it.

Remember that you are not only beautifying your interior. You need to make sure that the furniture pieces are carefully selected and balanced each other out. Take different vintage pieces from different eras and cultures and build your own home bar.

3. Rich History

Since the goal of your home bar is to showcase your wine collection and show off, the best way to do it is through vintage pieces. Imagine the rich history that you can tell your guests about the bar cabinet that you have or the wooden signages that you used in your home bar.

Every vintage piece has a rich history and they were probably passed on from one generation to another. The story about the furniture will also be passed on along with it. This is one of the reasons why it is always great to have a vintage-inspired home bar.

4. Cost and Value

One of the things that made vintage pieces attractive is their cost and value. Because of its craftsmanship, quality, and rich history, you can expect that every vintage bar will cost a lot of money. It will only continue to go up as years go by, especially if the bar is maintained properly.

You can consider this as a form of investment. If you want to buy a new one, you can put your current vintage bar up for sale. You can expect that a lot of wine collectors like you will be interested in vintage bar cabinets.

If you plan to create a traditional bar at home, you should look for vintage home bar ideas.


Final Thoughts

Creating a vintage stateroom bar is very straightforward. As long as you know where to find vintage pieces, it is very easy to mix and match them to create the ultimate traditional bar. You can look at some of the top design ideas in this article or you can also use your imagination to create something unique. If you want your bar to be very attractive and eye-catching, a vintage-inspired theme would do the trick.

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