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6 Great White Home Bar Ideas

Designing a home bar doesn’t have to be complicated. Most people opt for a white home bar because it looks clean and elegant, and you don’t need to be an expert to style it. A white bar is definitely a good addition to almost any type of house so you won’t have to spend too much time researching the best designs to use.

If you are planning to build a white home bar cabinet for your house, we’ve got a few simple ideas that you can follow.


White Home Bar Ideas and Tips

white home bar cabinet

1. Cottage-Style Home Bar

Have you ever seen a typical bar on the beach? It’s not the bar with a lot of coconut accessories. It’s the white bar that looks like a cottage. This is a type of design where the design from the wood is emphasized along with a white background.

This will be a perfect choice if you have dark wood flooring as it would accentuate the home bar. You can go with an under mount sink and white cabinets if you prefer an integrated bar. If you plan to use a standalone antique dry bar cabinet, there are a lot of designs on the Internet that you can consider. Buying a ready-made bar is a good option as well, but make sure that you choose wisely.

2. Full of Cabinets

Your home bar doesn’t have to look like an actual bar. Sometimes, a simple cabinet with glass doors would suffice. You can place the wine on the shelves and they would be protected by glass doors.

It’s better to have drawers beneath the bar table where you can place any bar-related accessory. The cabinet should be white in color as it can create an elegant vibe inside your house.

The wine shelves should be placed on the top of the bar table. This would guarantee that your wine collection will be viewed by your guests. You can place the drawers below.

3. Traditional Home Bar

When you’re creating a traditional home bar, do you simply buy a white bar cabinet or do you experiment a bit on the place where your wine collection will be placed?

For traditional bars with a white design, the best choice would be a marble countertop. If you have more budget, you can go with a quartz or granite countertop. Get a white bar cabinet and place it in the middle. Make sure that the wine rack is visible or the door is of glass so the wine collection can be viewed by your guests.

4. Don’t Forget the Accents

Although you are making a white home bar, it doesn’t mean that you can’t add other colors. You can add a wide range of accessories to add a bit of color to the bar. Here are some of the simple accessories and designs that you can add:

  • Plant and flowers: Remember that adding greens to your bar won’t be a big problem. You can put them on the side to make sure that they will not overpower the wine collection. Plants and flowers should only serve as an accent and not the focal point.

  • Painting: Adding some painting around the bar would make it livelier. Plain white is good, but adding a dark-colored painting or something a bit colorful would make the bar a bit more cheerful. If you’re bold enough, you can put the painting in the middle while your wine collection is placed on the side.

  • Vase: Adding a vase won’t hurt the design. Just like the plants and flowers, the vase should be positioned at the side of the wine rack. You don’t want it in the middle as it will mess up the design.

  • Random Items: Do you really think that random items will mess up your home bar? Adding some books and your other collectibles can make the bar look fabulous. It doesn’t need to be colorful. The accessories and fixtures should effectively accentuate your wine collection.

5. Transitional Home Bar

If you want a bar design for small spaces, we’ve got you covered. The transitional home bar would be a good idea for your home. Take note that you can always put the bar in a space near your living room or kitchen.

This type of home bar doesn’t have a sink. The wine racks are placed at the bottom of the bar table and glasses are placed at the top. You can choose to keep the wine racks open or you can get a glass door to keep it safe from kids and pets. Place a drawer on the other side or you can add shelves to place other beverages other than wine and booze.

The bar should still be white, but you have the option to add a few wood accents to make it look more elegant.

6. Using a Bar Cart

Not everyone has the money to build an antique home bar cabinet. You don’t need a cabinet to have a bar. Sometimes, a simple bar cart will do, especially if you don’t have enough budget for a bigger one.

Bar carts are very popular since they are very simple and easy to use. You can move them anywhere you want and you can put different types of wine and booze on top as well.

Since we are talking about white bar ideas, you can place the bar cart on an empty white wall. You can put a mirror at the top or you can place a painting to give a bit of life to the bar area. You can place the wine on top and the bar accessories can be kept on the lower rack.


Tips for a Perfect Home Bar Setup

antique dry bar cabinet

A white home bar is definitely a great design. It’s simple, but it can create a lasting impression on your guests. Even if you already have an idea of the design that you want, it’s better to know how to properly set up your home bar.

1. Look for Wasted Spaces in Your House

There’s a chance that there are wasted spaces in your house. These are spaces that don’t have any furniture. It can either be the space underneath the stairs or the space between your dining area and kitchen.

This is extremely important, especially for people who don’t have a lot of space inside the house. Besides, you don’t need to have a big bar, unless you have hundreds of wines in your collection. As long as you have a small bar on the side, it won’t really be an issue.

2. Show Your Wine Collection

The goal of a home bar is not only to keep all your treasured wine. It is also made to show them off. If you want to design your home bar, make sure that all of your wine will be visible to your guests. You can keep a few of your collection if you want, but make sure that you show all of the best bottles in your collection.

Create wine racks that can emphasize the number of bottles in your wine collection. It’s better if you can put them on display on the top shelves with the brand and name in full view.

3. Always Choose a Beautiful Cabinet Bar

It is very important to choose the best cabinet bar. No matter how good your bar looks, a cabinet bar that doesn’t look great will impact its overall design.

You have to make sure that the cabinet bar fits perfectly in the designated space. If it’s too small or too big, you will have a lot of problems setting up your home bar. If you can’t find a cabinet that would fit in your chosen location, you can always ask a professional to create a unique cabinet for you.

4. Always Consider the Best Lighting

Nothing beats great lighting when it comes to home bars. Sometimes, the lighting in your bar can bring its design to the next level. Even when you are using a white design for your bar, adding yellow lights can bring more emphasis to a specific location in your home bar.

If you plan to build your own home bar, don’t skip on the lighting. It may look good during the daytime, but what if you have guests during the nighttime? What would your bar look like at night? Take the time to pick amazing lighting and do your own research.

5. Always Have Space for Bar Essentials

Remember that your bar will not only house your wine collection. You need to have all the accessories needed to enjoy your wine. You need to have storage space for your glasses. Other bar accessories will have to be kept in drawers as well.



Building your own white home bar can be fun and exciting if you already have an idea of how to proceed. This is not only about creating a white background and buying a white bar cabinet. You need to know how to apply accents and bring a bit of color to your bar. With all the available design ideas on the Internet, you can easily find a theme that would fit your preference.

If you plan to build your own white bar, adding some traditional pieces will improve its aesthetics. You can check out some of these traditional bars so you can have some ideas on how to add more style to your home bar.