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5 Home Bar Ideas to Include in Your Design

Home bars have become a part of renovations and construction plans. Whether you’re a wine enthusiast or just a regular household owner, a dry bar cabinet will always be a great addition to your interior.

If you are planning to renovate your home or you are building a new house, you need some home dry bar ideas to get started. We listed down a few design tips that you can check if you want to add a dry bar to your home.


Designing Your Dry Bar Cabinet

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1. Picking the Right Finishes

If you’re planning to design your home bar, you need the right finishes. The main goal of a home bar is to show off so you need to be as creative as possible when choosing a cabinet finish.

You can go with a simple yet striking design. Sometimes, a simple combination of black and white can bring out the beauty of your home bar. You don’t have to be too fancy. Knowing the right color combinations can bring a unique aura to your bar.

Be bolder by choosing a design that is a bit unusual. You need to make sure that the guests will talk about your home bar once they leave your house. Incorporate a unique theme into your bar to make it more attractive.

2. Durability and Attractiveness

Durability is a top priority, but it won’t be enough when designing a home bar. You are styling your bar so you need attractive accessories. Well, you need both of them at the same time to make sure that your bar would look great for a long time.

Start by picking a hard-stone surface for your bar. Choose quartzite instead of marble or limestone. Remember that your bar will be subjected to different types of abuse from lemons, limes, red wine, and more so you need a non-porous surface.

If your bar is only meant as a design, you can pick whatever surface you want. As long as it won’t be used regularly, using marble or limestone won’t be a problem.

3. Don’t Forget the Accents

Adding accents to your bar doesn’t have to be overly complicated. Most of you are probably pressured into adding accents, but it’s extremely simple.

Instead of the usual background, you can change the color of the wall. If it’s a freestanding home bar, you can try to add other accessories that are a bit different compared to the theme. Flower accents, a small mirror, or even a random plant on top would do the trick.

4. Choose the Right Location

When you think about home bars, you will always think about the living area or the kitchen. You can place it between the living area and the kitchen if you want. It’s the typical location of a bar, but is that the only option?

You can set up your own small room if you still have space in your house. You don’t need to put on a door. Make it look like an extension of the kitchen or living room.

The bar can also be placed near the dining table. If you want your guests to enjoy their food and the dining table and have access to the bar, this is the best location to choose.

5. Style and Function

This is almost the same with durability and attractiveness. When you’re designing a home bar, you need to focus on both the style and the functionalities. You can’t have an attractive bar with only a few racks for your wine. You can’t have a bar without any drawers for your accessories. Designing a home bar requires you to create a stylish design without sacrificing the functionalities.

6. Blend the Design with Your Home

This is something that you need to do if you want to build a home bar. You can’t have a home bar with a barn look if you have a modern setting inside your house. The bar will look out of place. You can combine a minimalistic design with a modern design as long as you don’t add a lot of details to the home bar.

You can opt for a vintage dry bar cabinet if you are looking for a traditional model. Although it would fit a modern setting, it is better to go with a vintage design if your interior is leaning on the traditional look.

7. Consider Your Vertical Space

Not everyone has enough space in the house to create a home bar. This is the reason why you need to consider your vertical space. It’s a good thing that there are a lot of bar cabinets for tight spaces. You can take advantage of this and use them to store wine and booze.

8. Personalize Your Home Bar

The best possible tip that you can consider when styling your home bar is to incorporate your personal touch. You can create your own design based on your personality or preference. If you love black and white, you can buy accessories with that particular hue.

You can also be a bit bolder by using other colors. As long as the bar looks good and it complements the look of your interior, then you won’t have any issues with the design that you will pick.


Simple Design Ideas for Your Home Bar

vintage dry bar cabinet

Now that you have a bit of knowledge on how to properly design your bar cabinet, the next step is to find inspiration from popular design ideas for home bars. We listed down a few ideas that you might like.

1. Bar in a Cabinet

Your home bar doesn’t have to look like an actual bar. There are design options where you can hide the bar inside a cabinet. Who would have thought that the wine collection would be inside a cabinet in your living area?

This is an amazing choice if you don’t have a lot of space inside your house. Instead of a traditional bar, you can simply opt for a small vertical cabinet where you can place your collection. Take note that there are cabinets that can hold more than 100 wines so you need to pick the right one for you.

2. Grey Is Elegant

Most people would focus on white and black when it comes to color, but gray is definitely a great pick. It would depend on the shade that you will choose and the type of cabinet that you’re going to buy.

If you will pick gray, make sure that you maximize the space and buy a large wine cabinet. The size of the cabinet and the color can make it look more elegant and sophisticated. This is perfect if you want to opt for a 72-inch bar for your home.

3. Floating Bottles

This is indeed one of the most unique ideas that you can incorporate into your home bar. Having floating bottles can definitely improve the aesthetic of your bar, but you have to be careful because a single mistake can cause the wine to crash down.

Well, it’s just a precaution because the best bar with floating bottles can prevent this from happening. If you want something unique and you need more storage for your wine, this is the best pick. It is minimalistic as well because it doesn’t have any fancy designs.

4. The Pallet Bar

Is there anything more unique than a pallet bar? We’ve seen a lot of houses that made use of pallets to create furniture. You can use it to design your walls, you can stack them up and create something unique for your backyard. There are so many things that you can do with a pallet and it is definitely a good thing for home bars.

Pallets are very inexpensive so you won’t need a large budget for them. It is DIY work so you can do it yourself or you can hire someone who can make your imagination a reality. As long as you have a few nails and some pallets in your house, you can start building your own home bar. You can even choose the color that you want to design your home bar.

5. Under the Stairs

The space under the stairs is often used as storage. Most homeowners would put a small cabinet underneath.

If you plan to build a bar in your house, you might as well use the space under your stairs. It will surely work well with the type of bar that you want. You can either buy a cabinet that would fit under the stairs or you can create a unique design to maximize the space.

There are so many design ideas that you can consider if you have extra space under the stairs. You can get some inspiration from other designs and create your own.


Final Thoughts

It takes time to find a design that would fit your preference when it comes to a home bar. Most of you probably want the best design, especially if you don’t want to renovate your bar in just a few years. You can take note of all the simple ideas and tips mentioned above to help you pick the right design for your bar.

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