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10 Styling Tips for Your Bar Cart

How good does it sound to have a portable bar? A drinks trolley is nothing else than a movable unit for your beverages. Some find it to be a crucial furniture addition for a living room, while others don’t find it that useful.

This guide focuses on maximizing the aesthetics and functionality by helping you style your drinks trolley. It covers types from a classic to a barrel cart and discovers how better positioning and arranging could boost any décor. Here’s what you need to know about styling bar carts!


How to Style a Bar Cart


Many homeowners are against getting these units, especially since they are hard to maintain. Wiping the dust frequently is a hassle, and it’s easy to knock things down from the cart.

But the reasons for getting a drinks trolley outweigh the pros. The benefits include:

  • It’s a timeless piece. These items have been around for over a century, and they are here to stay.

  • Versatile options. From vintage carts to those with unusual and modern designs, it’s easy to pick an option that fits any décor.

  • The matter of convenience. Thanks to the wheels, you can roll the cart to any location. That means you can put it next to the dining table or sofa while watching a game with friends. And you’ll always have a drink at the reach of your fingertips.

If you set your mind on getting a bar cart, here are the tips that will help style it!

1. Consider Your Favorite Alcoholic Beverage

wine cart

The beauty of a drinks trolley is it’s suitable for almost any beverage. You can keep anything from sodas to vodka and have easy access to it. That’s one way to go, but the alternative is to pick your favorite drink and focus on it.

For example, a barrel cart is an excellent choice for wine enthusiasts. It will remind guests of how makers keep this drink in cellars. Luxury décor lovers would find bar carts with glass racks and golden paint a better option. These items can be true attention grabbers and are ideal for holidays and festive occasions. You can combine whiskey and spirits with other alcoholic beverages on this bar cart.

2. Don’t Put Too Many Drinks in the Cart

cocktail cart

The convenience of having all beverages at your fingertips sounds tempting. But you don’t want your bar cart to look like a portable liquor store. Your goal is also to impress the visitors, and finding the right balance is the way to do that.

Some hosts resort to decanters instead of using original bottles. It’s your decision since that can give a unified look to your drinks trolley. But don’t underestimate an original bottle’s power of appearance. There’s something about seeing whiskey’s unique pack that could motivate guests to drink it.

3. The Cart and Tray Should Have a Matching Design

The Cart and Tray Should Have a Matching Design

Although it’s worth pointing out, the good news is some manufacturers take care of this. Let’s say you pick a drinks trolley made out of brass. It gives away a glamorous look, so you’ll need a glass or marble tray.

But if you picked a wooden vintage wine cart, similar materials should be available for the tray. Since drinks trolleys rely on aesthetics, each detail is important, and guests will notice it!

4. Barrel Cart Is Perfect for Bars and Traditional Decor

barrel cart

Passionate wine enthusiasts understand the importance of storing and serving this drink properly. For starters, you’ll need a cooler for long-term storage. A rack with a table or hanging from the ceiling could both be nice touches for quick access to your favorite beverage.

And a wine cart is ideal if you know this is your guests’ top alcoholic drink option. Go with a traditional look and trolleys made out of an authentic wine barrel. It’s an ideal way of adding vintage elegance. A glass shelf adds to the convenience and secures a modern touch. Don’t keep more than a few bottles. A single unit of each wine type should be enough, and it’s possible to replace them with new ones from the rack when necessary.

5. How the Cart’s Height Plays a Vital Role

Bar Cart Height

Large drink trolleys have limited portability. Despite the casters, they are hard to push, and there’s a risk of knocking the bottles over. It’s why sticking to small and modest-sized carts is a better decision. And that’s where height comes into play.

Some bar carts, such as the one in the barrel shape, can be taller than their width. But that design isn’t that common. It’s more frequent that the trolleys are wide and with a restricted height.

Bar carts come with at least a single shelf integrated into the design. The rack’s position is imperative since it needs to accommodate your favorite drink packages. Some carts have a middle shelf only suitable for small whiskey bottles. There’s no way of fitting wine in original packaging, especially if it’s a jumbo-sized one like champagne.

Your goal is cohesion and proportion to ensure nothing seems out of the ordinary. Combine bottles, glasses, and accessories to ensure they fit well together. Experts recommend putting smaller items in front of large ones. It creates an illusion your trolley has a higher depth of field and pleases the eye.

6. Create a Balance by Utilizing All Cart Sections

vintage wine cart

It’s not your task for the design to be symmetric since that’s hard to achieve with a drinks trolley. But the idea is to utilize all sections to create an appearance that pleases the eye. For example, you can position a few bottles on each side to achieve balance.

And don’t forget you need to use the top and bottom sections of your drinks trolley. Put some glassware or aesthetic decorations on the upper surface to ensure it doesn’t look empty. And the general rule is that heavier items go to the bottom section. That boosts the cart’s stability and reduces the risk of breakage and injury if someone knocks over a big bottle.

7. Glassware Is Your Best Friend When Styling a Bar Cart

different kinds of glasses in a bar cart

The upper surface or middle shelf could already be from glass, depending on the unit’s design. And the bottles used to store alcoholic drinks are from this material, too. You can’t avoid glass in the bar cart design, and there’s no need for such a step. Instead, find a way to make the most of it.

For example, if you have a cocktail cart, you’ll need appropriate glasses. But different recipes require various serving options. What if one guest prefers wine or wants some gin and tonic? Stocking up on different glasses is imperative when styling a bar cart.

And if you feel like adding a decorative touch, go for it. Apart from greenery, a glass bowl filled with fruits will add to the elegance.

8. Flowers and Greenery Will Boost the Cart’s Appearance

vintage cocktail cart with flowers

Nobody’s underestimating a beauty of a 12-year-old whiskey in its original packaging. But bottles and mixers can’t be the entire aesthetics of a drinks trolley. A unique design of a vintage cocktail cart can help leave a great first impression on guests. But styling your cart with some beautiful accessories is another way to dazzle them.

If you are making cocktails, adding bowls with some limes and lemons is a nice touch. You can put small plant pots in the corners. If guests brought flowers, you could set aside some room for them on the cart.

9. Pick a Bold Color and Decoration to Make a Statement

bar cart bold color

A modern or traditional bar cart with a simple design is attractive. But if you aren’t afraid of making a statement, take things to the next level. Pick a bold color for your trolley’s finish. Consider the room and the areas where you’ll place the cart and pick accordingly.

If you’d prefer the trolley to have a more traditional look, don’t hesitate to experiment with decorations. For example, use Halloween accessories or pieces that fit the festive occasion. It’ll ensure your bar cart’s appearance is unique and impressive.

10. Don’t Forget the Essential Accessories

bar cart accessories

Flowers and greenery are aesthetic additions, but you also need functional accessories. You’ll need a knife to cut lime for cocktails. Bottle openers are necessary to open the wine, and a cocktail shaker is for combining various ingredients.

Adding these accessories is a matter of convenience. You won’t have to go back and forth to the kitchen since you’ll have everything at the reach of your fingertips. If you don’t want to keep everything visible to the naked eye, use a basket. It could be from natural rattan material. Marble or ceramic bowls are good options for modern decors.


Final Thoughts

Wine carts might not be an essential furniture piece. But if you have guests over for holidays and festive occasions, it’ll surely impress them. Drink trolleys are convenient for large parties or when you prefer not to go too far to get a new beverage.

The impressive bar cart selection ensures you’ll find a unit fitting your preference. Modern trolleys with glass shelves and brass paint are suitable for contemporary decors. But if you prefer a traditional approach, don’t hesitate to go with a barrel cart. Top brands like Napa East drinks trolleys use authentic wooden materials for an original look. Consider your favorite model and place an order today to have your cart made and delivered soon!